Powerful Prayers

 Holy Ghost Baptism 
Lord God, I am saved. The Holy Spirit is inside of me. But I haven't been baptized by the Spirit. I haven’t released his ministry, through me the way God intends. Holy Spirit now Baptize me. Give me my Heavenly Prayer Language. Fill me with your Power and Glory. I receive it now in Jesus name!
Sinners Prayer 
Dear Jesus, I ask you today to wash Me of my sins. To cleanse me, Jesus I confess That you are my Lord. I also believe that you died on the cross and on the third day God rose you from the dead. I give my life to you 100 percent. In Jesus name amen. 

Sinners Prayer #2 
Dear God, I am a sinner, I am so sorry. I turn away from my sins. I ask the blood of Jesus to wash every bad thing I did away. And I am clean, Now I am clean come and live inside of me. I make you my Lord and Savior. 

 Spirit of Death
Lord if there is any sin in me, I repent of my law-breaking so that the charges the enemy has brought against me of law-breaking will be dismissed. Death will have to back off of my finances, my body, my marriage, my children, and every part of my life. I decree that I am under grace. It is building a divine protection over me. Because were my sins of law-breaking has increased, grace increases more and superabounds over it. In the name of Jesus, I command the spirit of death out of me in Jesus name. 

Jesus Use Me
 I want to be used by you. More than anything else in the world. I surrender everything to you. I really mean it, I really mean it. More than anything else in the world. Nothing else matters, nothing else matters. So here I am Father,
 let me do your will. 

Be a Demon Tormentor 
Lord, I release right now the boldness to become a demon tormentor. Lord, I release right now the discernment to see and hear into the angelic realm. That I know there are more for me than are against me. I will understand as the sons of Issachar did. Harvest how to lead. How to be a solutionist. How to walk in victory. How to have discernment. Lord even in my appointed time. 

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